Izzy BC

a freelancer based in London; specialising in - 
branding, art direction, photography, editorial, poster and book design.


  1. Norwegian Wood
  2. Visual Language
  3. G.F.W Stand Design
  4. People 
  5. Places
  6. Things
  7. Hollywood Artwork
  8. Pix & Mortar

Photography — 


4. Pix & Mortar

For my self initiated final major project at university; I have created an agency that would offer high-street retailers the opportunity to create and install immersive experiences into their physical environments.  
Branding / Promotional Campaign 

Pix & Mortar / 2019
University Final Major Project

Pix & Mortar is a business idea that I created for my Final Major Project at university. After extensive research into the current market, following the closure of many high-street retailers. I created Pix & Mortar, an agency that will work with high-street retailers, to bring innovative and immersive experiences into their physical stores.

The case study I created between Pix & Mortar and Clarks Originals, #BeOriginal would aim to bring brand awareness for Clarks Originals to Millenials. There will be an event showcasing young creatives work. Over the course of three days there will be; live musicians, illustrations and a photography exhibition; all held at the Wapping Hydraulic Power Station. If you would like to know more about this project please send me an email. 


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