Izzy BC

a freelancer based in London; specialising in - 
branding, art direction, photography, editorial, poster and book design.


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Photography — 


2. Visual Language

A typography and poster design I created in response to the D&AD New Blood Awards, Monotype Brief, aiming to bridge the gap between the deaf and the hearing communities. 
Brand Design / Poster Design / Type / Illustration


D&AD New Blood Awards / 2019
Monotype Brief

Celebrate a community through type. “Language is often strongly engrained in the nature of a community from the language we speak to how and where we commuicate. How could this translate across to typography becoming an identifier for community as well?”

In response to this brief I chose to focus on the community of BSL.
BSL [British Sign Language] is a recognised minority language in the UK, with around 11 million people across the UK with deafness ranging from mild to profound; that is around 1 in 6 of us.

I created Visual Language which aims to bridge the gap between the deaf and the hearing communities. Encouraging more people to learn and gain an insight into deaf culture and to celebrate sign language. For this project I created a typeface consisting of simple BSL Finger Spelling illustrations, layered with a bold typeface stating the relevant letter per sign.


003_app prototype


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